Awesomeness in 20 quotes

OMG. He does it again. Te veel awesomeness.

De speeches van paus Franciscus tijdens zijn bezoek aan Florence deze week hebben veel losgemaakt. Ik ga er zelf niets over zeggen, maar gewoon een aantal quotes kopiëren uit enkele engelstalige artikelen (Pope Francis calls the Italian Church to radical renewalCatholicism can and must change, Francis forcefully tells Italian church gathering, en May God protect the Italian Church from power, image and money).

20 awesome quotes 

1. “we must not be obsessed with power, even if takes the face of a power that is useful and functional to the social image of the church.”

2. “faced with the evils or the problems of the church it is useless to seek solutions in conservatisms or fundamentalisms, in the restoration of behavior and forms that are outdated and that even culturally do not have the capacity to be meaningful.“

3. “the Christian doctrine is not a closed system incapable of generating questions, doubts, interrogations, but is living, and knows how to disturb and encourage. It has a face that is not rigid, a body that moves and develops, it has tender flesh. The Christian doctrine is called Jesus Christ.”

4. “The reform of the church then, and the church is semper reformanda  … does not end in the umpteenth plan to change structures. It means instead grafting yourself to and rooting yourself in Christ, leaving yourself to be guided by the Spirit — so that all will be possible with genius and creativity.”

5. “be a free church and be open to the challenges of the present time, never on the defensive for fear of losing something.”

6. “closeness to the people and prayer are the keys to living a popular, humble, generous, joyful Christian humanism”

7. “You may ask what then are we to do? It’s up to you to decide: the people and pastors together, in a synodal way,”

8. To bishops: “I ask you to be pastors. Nothing more! Just pastors. Do not be preachers of complex doctrines, but announcers of Christ, dead and risen for us. Aim at the essential!”

9. Work for “the social inclusion of the poor,” make “the preferential option for the poor”

10. “May God protect the Italian Church from every surrogate of power, image, money.”


11. “the best way to dialogue is not to talk and discuss but to do something together, to build together, and to make projects, not alone, among Catholics, but together with all people of good will.”

12. “Today we are not living in an era of change but in a change of era”

13. “I would like an Italian church that is restless, always close to the abandoned, the forgotten and the imperfect. I desire a joyful church with the face of a mother that understands, caresses and accompanies. (…) dream of such a church, believe in it, and innovate with freedom.”

14. “Believe in the genius of Italian Christianity, which is not the patrimony of individuals, or of an elite but of the community and the people of this extraordinary country.”

15. “Assume always the Spirit of the great explorers, that on the sea were passionate for navigation in open waters and were not frightened by borders and of storms. May it be a free church and open to the challenges of the present, never in defense for fear of losing something.”

16. “The face of Jesus is similar to that of so many of our humiliated brothers, made slaves, emptied. God had assumed their face. And that face looks to us.”

17. “If we do not lower ourselves we will not see his face. We will not see anything of his fullness if we do not accept that God has emptied God’s self. Therefore we will not understand anything of Christian humanism and our words will be beautiful … but will not be words of faith. They will be words that resonate with emptiness.”

18. “If the church does not assume the sentiments of Jesus, it is disoriented, it loses its sense. The beatitudes, in the end, are the mirror in which we see ourselves, that which permits us to know if we are walking on the right path: it is a mirror that does not lie.”

19. “You, therefore, go forth to the streets and go to the crossroads: all who you find, call out to them, no one is excluded. Wherever you are, never build walls or borders, but meeting squares and field hospitals.”

20. To youth: “I ask you to be Italy’s builders, to set to work for a better Italy. Don’t watch life from your balcony, work hard, immerse yourself in social and political dialogue”





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